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From large country estates to chic town houses, sash windows offer a timeless elegance that can capture a sense of heritage for any property. Formed of two sliding glazed frames, referred to as ‘sashes’ together in an outer frame, one of the most recognisable features of the sash window is its striking visual design.

As a specialist manufacturer of box sash windows for 45 years our range is designed to provide the perfect blend of looks, functionality and energy efficiency for fine homes, from conservation projects to new build.

Our sash window range consists of both traditional and modern variations to suit the needs of different properties:

  • Part Q Compliant Box Sash Window – enhanced security and thermal efficiency for new residential properties.
  • Conservation Box Sash Window – suited to conservation projects with slimline glazing or single glazing.

  • Heritage Box Sash Window - Suited to listed buildings with single glazing.

  • Spring Balance Sash Window –the elegance of traditional sash windows with modern day operation.
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Part Q Compliant Sash Windows 

Our traditional box sash windows offer a modern-day version of a design classic, operated by cords, weights and pulleys to counterbalance the sashes in the traditional way.

The sashes come with face applied glazing bars or full glazing bars. Tested to the latest weather performance standards these windows feature the advanced 24mm double-glazing units and durable weather seals, blending much improved energy efficiency with a stylish appearance.

Glazed with soft argon gas filled units with a U value as low as 1.2, windows are typically manufactured to meet Part Q security standards, approved for use on new residential dwellings.

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Conservation Sash Windows 

Designed as replacement windows for period properties found in conservation areas where it’s essential to retain the original character and appearance of the building or in traditional homes looking for a period look, our conservation box sash windows incorporate slimline double-glazed windows with full glazing bars, giving the appearance of single glazing but with the advantage of much improved energy efficiency and acoustic performance.

Operated by cords, weights and pulleys to counterbalance the sashes in the traditional way, the windows feature 14mm slimline glazing with an external putty bead for a high-quality finish.

Victorian Sash Windows London

Heritage Sash Windows

Sash windows from our Heritage range are hand crafted to closely replicate original designs found in listed buildings and properties in conservation areas, allowing for authentic replacement. Manufactured with quality timber using slim timber frames and sash sections, the sashes are operated using traditional method of weights and cords to counterbalance the sashes.

Mouldings and glazing bars are tailored to closely match original period designs from the property’s historical era, whether that be Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or Queen Anne. Sashes feature internal lambs’ tongue mouldings, single glazing, full glazing bars and an external putty bead for an authentic appearance.

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Spring Balance Windows 

Our spring balance sash windows offer a modern alternative to the weight-based system and are most suited to properties free of conservation constraints but where a traditional appearance is required. Spring-loaded mechanisms are situated each side of the sashes instead of cords and weights. The main benefit of the spring balance is a smaller rebate in the brickwork, as boxes are not required and therefore the window can allow in more light.

All windows are glazed, supplied with ironmongery of your choice and primed or fully paint finished. Sashes include parting beads, draught excluders and energy efficient glazing with a pane U value as low as 1.2


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Sash Ironmongery

Box sash windows are fitted with a choice of sash lifts, sash fasteners to lock the sashes in place and for added security lockable sash stops; and when weights are used sash pulleys.

There are many styles and finishes available when it comes to sash window furniture, many of which are shown on our website. Where a heritage finish is required options such as mottled antique brass, antique black and polished brass are available.

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High Quality Standards

Our box sash windows recently passed stringent weather performance standards and are now certified to European and British standards EN14351-1 and BS6375-1, giving customers reassurance they can rely on them all year-round.

Sash Windows are covered by a robust 5-year warranty that covers the frame, sash, glazing and ironmongery. All windows are CE marked and conform to British Standards. Salisbury Joinery holds the Silver CMS mark which ensures quality standards, all windows are CE marked and conform to British Standards.


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