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Here we're answering common questions from private clients.


Do you supply private clients?

Salisbury Joinery is a TRADE supplier and therefore ask private customers to submit their enquiry for joinery via their builder or carpenter. Our minimum order value for new customers is typically £15,000+VAT.


Do you have standard prices for windows, doors and stairs?

Salisbury Joinery is a bespoke manufacturer of windows, doors and stairs, therefore there are not standard prices. Every job is estimated on its own specification.


Do your prices include VAT?

All prices quoted exclude VAT; therefore any prices quoted need to have VAT added at the prevailing rate, which is currently 20%.


We have a large project?

Salisbury Joinery deem a large project to be more than 15 windows and doors and a value in excess of £15,000+VAT. Please send your enquiry to info@salisburyjoinery.com


Do you install the joinery you manufacture?

Salisbury Joinery does not offer an installation service for the windows, doors and stairs it manufactures. This is why its important you appoint your builder or carpenter to install, and therefore we recommend that they contact us.


Do you do a site survey prior to order?

We do not offer a surveying service prior to order and deposit payment. We are able to provide an estimate from architectural drawings or photos with dimensions. Please refer to our normal enquiry and order process.


What is your normal enquiry and order process?

Salisbury Joinery’s enquiry and order process for private clients is:

1. Email enquiry with drawings or photos/dimensions

2. Enquiry will be reviewed
3. Estimate will be prepared
4. Order placed
5. Order confirmation and deposit invoice issued
6. Once deposit is received, order will be passed to production
7. Site survey will be conducted
8. Drawings will be prepared
9. Review the drawings, either sign off or ask for amendments
10. When drawings are approved, order will be passed to the manufacturing team
11. Final payment will be requested
12. Make payment
13. Delivery will be made


I’m an architect / designer

We’re always collaborating with architects and designers, regarding projects in excess of 15-20 windows and doors. You will find our resources here helpful.


I’m a builder / carpenter

We collaborate with, and manufacture for, builders or carpenters. Please explore our website for more information or download a guide here or book a meeting here  or send your enquiry to info@salisburyjoinery.com

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