Environment & Sustainability

At Salisbury Joinery we endeavour to take care of the environment. The management and staff are committed to the continuous improvement of the Company’s environmental systems and processes.

The Company has a responsible attitude towards the use of natural resources and seeks to reduce their use where possible. We ensure that the timber we use comes from sustainable sources. We achieve this by purchasing our timber from suppliers who support Forestry Certification schemes such as PEFC and FSC, these forestry certifications provide assurance that the timber has been sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests, where consideration is given to the regeneration of the forest and the nature dependent upon it. You can therefore be assured that your joinery from Salisbury Joinery is not adversely affecting the environment.

At Salisbury Joinery the majority of our coatings are water based. Water based coatings are less harmful to the environment and allow the timber to flex and breathe naturally, over against solvent based coatings which can be dangerous and harmful to the environment.

Our manufacturing waste is predominantly recycled; the small remainder which cannot be recycled is disposed through a reputable certified national company which seeks to recycle what they can. The Company takes pollution of the environment seriously so therefore seeks to minimise air, water, land and other forms of pollutions.

The Company is dedicated to meeting or exceeding all legislative environmental requirements.

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