External Staircases

We have considerable experience in the manufacture of external staircases which are typically built in quality timbers such as Oak, Sapele or Iroko to ensure strength and durability. Not only do our outdoor staircases look fantastic, they are durable, safe and built to last. We can manufacture in a height to suit your property.

External timber staircases are used in a variety of settings, such as giving easy access to a first-floor room from a garden or terrace or access to an office above a garage. They can also provide fire escape. In any of these applications, external stairs are a great choice and with a wide range of styles, treads and risers, balustrade and handrail options, there’s the opportunity to tailor the design to suit your property perfectly.

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Outdoor Staircase Options

Typically we supply a straight flight staircase with a landing but you can add some individuality to your exterior staircase with a range of design options:

  • Base Coat
  • Stop Chamfer Newel Posts
  • Additional Balusters to each side
  • Quarter Landing 
  • Anti-slip stair tread inserts
External Stair Timber Options

Although we manufacture with a wide range of timbers, for exterior wooden staircases we recommend the use of quality hardwoods such as Sapele or Oak. We manufacture our staircases only from timber sourced from FSC sustainably managed Forests. 


Staircase Quality Assurance

The quality of our staircases is of utmost importance to us and all staircases are manufactured to the highest standards and come with a 12month warranty. Once our joiners have dry assembled your stairs and checked every joint, a certificate of completion is issued as a mark of quality assurance. Our staircases are manufactured here in our UK workshop which is quality audited bi-annually.

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Why choose a external timber staircase?

While both timber and steel have their merits for external staircases, the choice often boils down to your specific priorities and preferences. Here's a breakdown of why you might choose timber over steel:

Pros of timber:

Aesthetics: Timber stairs offer a warm, natural look that can blend seamlessly with various architectural styles, especially traditional or rustic settings. It adds a touch of charm and character to your property.

Cost-effectiveness: In general, timber are more cost effective than steel, particularly for simpler designs. This can be a major factor if budget is a key concern.

Sound absorption: Timber tends to be quieter than steel, especially when stepped on. This can be beneficial if you value a peaceful environment or live in a close-knit community where noise might be an issue.

Variety of options: Timber comes in a wide range of species, each with distinct colors, textures, and finishes. This allows for greater customisation and personalisation to match your taste.


External Staircase Experts

At Salisbury Joinery we have manufactured quality external timber stairs for over 40 years. Our specialists can provide the advice you need for your project to be a success. Simply contact us. Please note, we do not install our staircases, please contact a local tradesperson to arrange this. Once built your staircase will be carefully packed and delivered with installation instructions and a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.



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