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Part Q regulations for Joinery - Frequently Asked Questions

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Many questions surround the regulations affecting Joinery, particularly Part Q. Answers to these frequently asked questions are here

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Q: What is Part Q?

A: Part Q relates to the technical content, and its implementation, of The Building Regulations 2010 (England): Security of Dwellings and Unauthorised access.

Q: Where can I download and read the Part Q?

A: The free copy of the Part Q document is here: View PDF

Q: When did Part Q take effect?

A: It came into effect on 1 October 2015.

Q: What joinery product ranges are within the scope of Part Q?

A: Approved Document Q makes it mandatory for windows and doorsets to be manufactured to a design that has been shown by test to meet the security requirements of PAS 24:2012

Q: What joinery products are within the scope of Part Q?

A: The following joinery products within the scope of Part Q:

  • all dwelling entrance doorsets
  • all easily accessible windows, roof windows and skylights
  • communal entrance doorsets, such as flats/apartments
  • emergency egress doorsets allowing access into the common areas of the building, such as flats/apartments
  • other doors that may allow access into common areas of the building, such as drying rooms, cycle stores and refuse areas
  • If there is a connecting doorset between the garage and the dwelling, then either the main vehicular doorsets, together with any pedestrian doorsets, will fall within the scope of the regulation, or alternatively the connecting doorset.

Q: Does Part Q apply to all residential units?

A: No, the Building Regulation applies to new homes and existing buildings that are being converted into new homes only, such as a farm or commercial buildings. Existing homes are currently not required to meet the security requirements of Part Q.

Q: Does Part Q apply to house extensions?

A: No, extensions to houses are currently outside the scope of Part Q.

Q: Are replacement windows incorporated within the requirements of Part Q?

A: No, there is no requirement within the Part Q regulations for replacement windows to comply.

Q: Is Part Q applicable to doorsets leading to a balcony?

A: Yes. Doorsets providing access to a balcony in a new houses are required to be secured to Part Q standard.

Q: Which Building regulation takes precedence for apartment and flat entrance doorsets – Part B or Part Q?

A: Both have equal weighting within the Building Regulations. It is imperative that fire doorsets are tested in exactly the same configuration as they were tested for security.

Q: Can I modify a Part Q product?

No. Modifying a Part Q window or door, or amending the furniture or parts, will invalidate the product’s compliance to the regulation.

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Explore how our products can help you be Part Q compliant, by looking at PAS24 Windows here and PAS24 Doors here. Alternatively download our Product Guide here.

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