Enhanced security to protect homes against burglary

At Salisbury Joinery we provide a range of products which are tested to PAS24 security standard making them suitable for new residential developments as well as properties that require a high level of protection against forced entry and burglary attack.

Our PAS24 windows and doors incorporate enhanced security features and have passed rigorous third-party tests to ensure they are protected against common forced entry methods. This means they are fully compliant with Part Q of Building Regulations. Document Part Q states that all new residential properties must be fitted with external windows and doors successfully tested to the PAS24 standard.

Our PAS24 Range

Our range of PAS24 products includes Box Sash Windows, Casement Windows, External entrance doors, Bi-fold doors and French Doors.

In addition to a reinforced design with enhanced locking our PAS24 windows and doors come with many additional benefits including:

•  Uncompromised good looks
•  Bespoke size, moulding and finishing options
•  High levels of weather performance
•  High levels of energy efficiency
•  Comprehensive 10 Year warranty

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PAS24 Security

Certified Secure

Fully tested to the latest security standards

Weather performance

Weather performance

Test proven to the latest weather performance standards


Bespoke Designs

Tailor your windows and doors with custom designs and finishing


10 Year Warranty

Comprehensive warranty for additional peace of mind

PAS24 Sash Windows

Our sash windows are manufactured with a fully certified test certificate up to 1400 x 2200mm, one of the largest available from any manufacturer. With a reinforced construction featuring anti-rattle meeting stiles and security enhanced fasteners, sash stops and top rail chimney blocks, they provide a secure solution for many character homes. The toughened 24mm double glazing provides a high level of energy efficiency too. PAS24 sash windows are available with traditional weights and cord operation or as sprung balance windows which are popular in new builds. Read more in our blog.

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PAS24 Casement Windows 

Our high-performance casement windows are manufactured to PAS24 standards and feature reinforced casements, high security espagnolette locks and toughened glazing. The 24mm double glazing provides a high level of energy efficiency with a U-value of 1.2, along with high acoustic insulation and proven weather performance. Our PAS casement windows are a popular choice for new character properties and properties undergoing a change of use.


PAS24 Doors

External entrance doors have an important role in securing your property as well as providing an attractive and welcoming appearance for visitors. Our PAS24 door range consists of entrance doors, bi-folds and French doors, enabling you to secure the whole building envelope. Built from solid hardwood timber, our doors are energy-efficient and available in a range of panel designs, incorporating secure espagnolette locks and toughened 24mm double glazing.

PAS24 External Timber Door

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What is PAS24?

PAS24:2016 is a minimum British security standard which tests the resistance of windows and doors to series of attack methods typically used by opportunist burglars to force entry into a property. These stringent tests are carried out by a UKAS accredited third party who assess the products performance to the standard. PAS24:2016 is recognised by Secured by Design which is the UK Police initiative to reduce burglary and crime.

How are PAS24 Windows and Doors Tested?

Products have to pass a series of stringent physical tests lasting several minutes to test any potential weakness to attack. Once the door or windows is fixed to a test rig, the tests are completed by expert independent examiners working for an approved third-party who assess the windows capacity to repel forced entry.