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How secure are timber windows and doors?

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Timber windows and doors are very secure when they are properly designed, manufactured, and installed. Timber is a naturally strong and dense material that can withstand a lot of force and is difficult for would be intruders to quietly cut or drill. 
When they are fitted with high-quality locks and other security features, windows and doors can be very difficult to break into. 

High Security Windows and Doors

Doors and windows manufactured to the PAS24 standard provide higher security than standard windows and doors. They consist of a reinforced design with stronger construction, multi-point locking and toughened glazing, which together is resilient to common forms of burglary attack. 

Doors and windows fitted to new residential properties in the UK must be compliant to Building Regulations Approved Document Part Q, which stipulates they must be manufactured to PAS24 or an equivalent standard. To gain certification to PAS24, timber windows and doors are subjected to a series of independent tests to measure the products capacity to withstand common burglary techniques, such as forcing, prising or cutting.

Timber windows and doors certified to PAS24 are just as secure as windows and doors made from other materials. Salisbury Joinery is pleased to provide a range of PAS24 Sash Windows, Casement Windows and Entrance Doors. 

What features that can be added to timber windows and doors to improve security?


Multi-point / espagnolette locking: These systems have multiple locks that engage with the frame in different places. This makes it much more difficult to force the window or door open.

Laminated glass: This type of glass is made from two or more layers of glass that are bonded together with a plastic interlayer. The interlayer makes the glass much more difficult to break. P1 or P1a glass is toughened and usually specified on windows and doors at the most risk, for example on the ground floor in vulnerable locations.


Internal or external beading:
Both modern internally and externally beaded windows are secure these days. This is because the glazing is fixed in place by the rebate and glazing tape, making it extremely difficult for intruders to remove the glass unit simply by removing the beading.

Hinges and Bolts: High security hinges and bolts locate the door or window to the frame and protect it from attempts to force an opening through brute-force.

Window sensors: Window sensors are electronic devices that detect when a window is opened or tampered with. They can be connected to a security system, triggering an alarm if an intrusion attempt occurs.


In addition to these security features, it is also important to make sure that your timber windows and doors are properly installed. This means that they should be fitted snugly into the frame and that there should be no gaps around the edges. You should also make sure that the locks are properly aligned and that they are working correctly.

By taking these precautions, you can help to ensure that your timber windows and doors are secure and that your home is protected from burglars.