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Sash Windows Certified to Latest PAS24 Security Standard

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Salisbury Joinery's PAS24 Sash Windows have been tested and certified to the latest PAS24:2016 security standards. This means the windows meet the requirements of Part Q Building Regulations and are approved for installation on new properties, as well as existing properties where a high level of security performance is required.

To gain certification the technical team at Salisbury Joinery enhanced key elements of the design to achieve a higher standard of protection from the latest burglary attack methods, however, this was achieved without compromising the attractive looks for which our Sash windows are admired. The certification covers all windows sizes up to 1.4 x 2.2m, one of the largest certified PAS24 window sizes available on the market!

Stringent Testing

The latest PAS24:2016 assessment has a wider scope and is more demanding than previous test standards and includes a series of sustained physical attacks on the windows – each test lasting several minutes.


Independently tested  in conjunction with TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V, the window test samples were fixed into a timber sub-frame in a test rig and assessments were undertaken by a panel of three expert assessors who reported back independently.

Pic. to right, our box sash window sample on the test rig.

Simulating the most common methods of forced entry employed by casual and opportunist burglars, the tests include:

  1. Mechanical loading - to assess whether the sample can withstand a specified sequence of loading at different angles without creating an entry.
  2. Manual and mechanical attack – to test the window's resistance to attack using a set of prescribed tools, such as cutting, prising of components and removal of beads, security devices and the infill medium from glazing.
  3. Window and hardware manipulationto test there is no design vulnerability which might allow entry by the locking system being operated, unfastened or disengaged from the outside. Examples include the removal of trim sections and insertion of tools to slide latches or bolts.

Attack Resistant Design

The windows have a reinforced construction, with enhanced features such as thicker single component meeting rail, anti-rattle window stiles and reinforced security fasteners. The 24mm double glazing is toughened and highly energy efficient, with a centre pane U-value of only 1.2.  Windows can be supplied with traditional weights and cords operation or as Spring Balance windows. Additionally, Sashes can be easily removed by a tradesman if maintenance is required.

Having passed the security tests with flying colours, our windows also provide the additional reassurance of meeting Police preferred 'Secured By Design' standards. 

Dual Security and Weather Performance

SashWindow_WeatherHeader2Having previously been tested and certified to the latest weather performance standards EN14351-1 and BS6375-1, our sash windows offer the dual benefits of high security, energy-efficiency and all-weather performance in an attractive design, matching perfectly the benefits valued by savvy homeowners. The weather performance certification means the windows are proven to be resistant to storm force winds, gales and rain often experienced during the British winter time. 

Further details on our PAS24 sash window range can be found in our Product Range Guide or Specification Pack for Architects. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Summary of Benefits:

  • Certified to latest PAS24:2016 standard
  • Certified to latest weather performance standards
  • Approved for use on new properties
  • Windows sizes up to a massive 1.4 x 2.2m
  • Toughened construction in an attractive design
  • Weights and cords or Spring Balance operation
  • Highly energy-efficient / heat saving