Spray painting

Our own in-house spray shop offers three levels of factory finishing for windows and doors:-

  1. Priming service,
  2. Semi-finished service (primer and one top coat) ready for a final coat onsite, or
  3. Fully finished service - which for many is the ideal solution.

An environmentally friendly water-based system is used which allows the timber to flex and breathe naturally. The primer coat includes a knot inhibitor and tannin stop.

The full finish has a typical lifespan of five to ten years, depending on the coating chosen and the quality and regularity of maintenance. Many factors can influence the durability and life span of the exterior coatings which can reduce to some extent the life to first maintenance, for example exposure conditions such as south facing, coastal sites and sunny exposed locations.

Please refer to our maintenance guide and product warranty for more information.

Semi-finished and fully finished joinery is protectively packaged to prevent damage during transit and on-site construction.

Some of our popular paint colours:
Oyster White Pastel Blue
Pale Green Pebble Grey
Cement Grey Dusty Grey
Cream Pure White

Particular paint brands or non-RAL colours are available as a chargeable extra.