Espagnolette Casement Hardware

The hardware for casement windows using espagnolette locks is normally just a fastener, which keeps the window in the closed and/or locked position. A stay may be used for holding the casement in your desired open position.

Standard and premium collections

There is a choice of styles and finishes, so please review the product selection below and advise us of your preferences. All ironmongery has been selected for its proven quality. Please see in the description below whether the item is from our standard or premium range. Items in our premium range are subject to a surcharge. 

Ironmongery care

The handles will require periodic cleaning with a moist chamois leather or a soft dusting cloth. For more stubborn dirt and stains use warm water with a mild detergent then rinse off and wipe dry with a towel. Do not use an abrasive compound or a metal polish.

Products with moving parts will benefit from periodic lubrication.

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